Demonstrative Speech Topics

Demonstrative speech topics are not always easy to choose. First, the topic should be interesting for your audience. Second, you need to demonstrate something with words. Of course, it is a great idea, frequently a must, to demonstrative your topic not only with words but also with actions and visual aids. For example, if your demonstration speech is about how to make a cup of tea, you may use a cup, water, and tea to support your words with specific actions. While this topic is not very interesting at the first glance, you may find wealth of information about different tea ceremonies throughout the world and make your speech very appealing.

Demonstration Speeches: How To Prepare

Demonstration speeches are frequently challenging to write. The first challenge is the choice of topic. If you have no ideas for your demonstration speech writing, you may find the following topics helpful

  • How to perform a magic trick. You may learn a couple of simple magic tricks and prepare a demonstration speech uncovering the secrets. This topic will definitely gain the attention of your audience. Moreover, it is more interesting that a topic of how to make a sandwich.
  • How clothes develop static cling. This topic will be interesting both for females and males. Of course, to prepare a successful demonstration speech, you need to have a solid knowledge on the topic. Otherwise, you will fail answering the questions of your classmates.
  • How clouds form or hurricanes appear. This topic is also very interesting to explore. Nature is full of very surprises. There are numerous natural events that trigger the attention not only of students but also scientists. You may choose one of the natural phenomena and write an impressive demonstration speech about it.

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