Famous Speeches

Famous speeches are delivered by famous people. In most cases, famous speeches are pre-written by professional writers. For example, Obama speech delivered during his inauguration was written by a team of experts. While Sandra Bullock acceptance speech was an improvisation. In either case, famous speeches are powerful in their words not only because they are spoken by celebrities and important figures, but also because they send a powerful message to the audience.

If you have an assignment to write an analysis of a famous speech, you need to read the speech transcript at least several times. It is strongly advised to watch how the speaker delivers the speech. For example, you may watch Michael Jordan Hall of Fame speech online and integrate your observations into speech analysis.

Famous Speeches: How to Find and How to Analyze

The following list presents a number of the most famous speeches you may be interested in:

  • I Have a Dream Speech (Martin Luther King Speech)
  • Obama Speech
  • Sandra Bullock Oscar Acceptance Speech
  • Michael Jordan Hall of Fame Speech
  • Abraham Lincoln Speech

Famous speeches listed above triggered the attention of many people because they contained special words, not long or hard-to-understand words, but rather the sayings that touched the heart of the American nation. If you need to write an analysis of any of these speeches, you will definitely find many comments, reviews, and reactions shared by other people.

Famous Speeches: Professional Help with Writing

Famous speeches are difficult to analyze because you need to adopt the perspective of the speaker as well as integrate your reaction as a message receiver. You need to remain objective in your judgments and support your ideas with specific examples taken out of the speech.

Our writers are ready to help you with famous speech analysis. Speech analysis we conduct contains the following elements (the content may vary depending your specific requirements)

  1. Purpose of the speech and audience (the goals of the speaker, location, audience)
  2. Content and tone (important points, audience needs, attitude delivered by the speaker)
  3. Structure (repetition and its purpose, parallel structure, vocabulary, etc)
  4. Delivery (first impression, appearance, etc.)

Our services are not only reliable to use, but also confidential. We guarantee non-disclosure of your personal information. Delivered speeches are never posted online as free samples or sold to other customers. Your rights and concerns are understood and taken into consideration. Our speech writers are responsible and well-trained! We guarantee your satisfaction with our work!

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