Informative Speech Topics

Informative speech topics, as suggested by the title, must give the audience information about something. For example, informative speech outline may cover a social issue and present background information about that issue. Alternatively, you may choose to generate informative speech ideas about famous people, books, films, or even health matters. The key aspect to think about when looking through topics for informative speeches is availability of information. In addition, your topic does not have to be boring. Otherwise, you will not be interested in creating an impressive informative speech and your audience will be bored as well.

Good Informative Speech Topics

Good informative speech topics are rather easy to write. You just need to think about something you would be interested in conducting research. For example, you may choose the topic of free speech. Not all students will be interested in listening to the speech on this topic. Moreover, you may be unable to bring in interesting ideas. To make this topic more appealing, you may include examples of free speech violations throughout the world. The following list contains a number of contemporary informational speech topics you may find interesting for your assignment:

  • Top Internet Searches. Numerous websites provide statistics about the top internet searches. You will be surprised to discover the top ten searches and your audience will be interested in this information as well. Once you obtain information about the top searches, you may go further to try to explain the trends. Don't be afraid to choose funny informative speech topics!
  • The Most Expensive Things. This topic has many faces. For example, you may present a topic about the most expensive cars, the most expensive meals, the most expensive hotels, etc. Your choice is limited by your imagination only!
  • 25 Uses For Something. This topic is truly interesting. You may search the internet for more specific ideas. For example, you may search for 25 uses of a tennis ball. While it may seem that a tennis ball has only 1 use, you will be very surprised to discover numerous suggestions.

Informative speech does not have to be a boring lecture! Read funny informative speech examples, choose an interesting topic, and make your audience laugh!

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