Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive speech topics should be debatable. In other words, persuasive speeches should present one side of the issue and offer arguments to defend your positions. It is not an easy task to find good persuasive speech topics. Such topics as abortion, gay marriage, or adoption rights are already outdated. Too many speeches have been written on these topics. This page is written with the outline how to write a persuasive speech as well as to give you an opportunity to choose interesting topics for a persuasive speech writing.

Persuasive Speech Ideas

Persuasive speech ideas should not be limited to the issues of national interest. It is a great idea to take not a very popular persuasive speech topic as the basis for your assignment. You may be interested in the following topics. If you need individual help with speech topics persuasive, you are welcome to contact us for custom assistance.

  1. Junk food at school. This topic is very interesting and contemporary. You may find a lot of persuasive speech examples on this issue. Indeed, as obesity has already become a serious social problem, junk food served to students may contribute to this issue. You will find a lot of arguments to write an impressive persuasive speech on this topic.
  2. Teachers using cell phones. It is not a secret that students are not allowed to use cell phones or other personal communication devices at schools. Nevertheless, there is no such a rule for teachers. Is it fair? Should teachers be required to turn off their cell phones as well?
  3. Crimes committed by children. Today, there is an increasing debate in society whether children who commit serious crimes should be treated as seriously as adults who commit similar crimes. This topic has both opponents and supporters; you will not struggle with finding sufficient evidence to support either side.
  4. Religious education in public schools. While this issue is widely discussed, the American society cannot agree on the viability of religious education. In fact, this topic has more than two sides of argumentation. Moreover, there is wealth of information published in reputable periodicals with regard to the issue of religion classes in public schools.
  5. Minimum employment age. Contemporary society is focused on financial independence and rapid maturity of teenagers. Many young people start working at an early age, usually helping their parents. Should the government remove the requirement for the minimum employment age or at least move the bar to 14 years of age?

Fun Persuasive Speech Topics

While the above topic suggestions are concerned with serious social issues, you should not be afraid to choose fun persuasive speech topics. You are not required to write an exceptionally serious speech! Persuasive speeches written with humor will definitely gain the attention of instructor and secure you a better grade for creativity.

You should also keep in mind the importance of reviewing a persuasive speech example and a persuasive speech outline format. Persuasive speech example will help you get an overall understanding about the formatting, while persuasive speech outlines will help you organize your ideas in a logical manner.

Persuasive Speech Writing Help

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