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Struggling to pick the right words for your business, academic, political, or special occasion speech? Our wordsmiths will craft a custom speech perfectly tailored to your event and situation. We pour in years of speech writing expertise and best practices to craft a persuasive speech that will impress everyone.

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Hire a professional speechwriter for a perfect result

At SpeechPaths, we have 11+ years of experience providing custom speech writing services. Our ghostwriters work on the writing style, tone of voice, structure, and emotional aspect to write a brilliant speech that helps you reach your goals.

  • 12-hour delivery

    A 12-hour speech writing service is available if you're in a rush. The writer starts working on your speech right away and will deliver a finalized text to you right on time.

  • Experienced speech writers

    Our team comprises experienced academic and speech writers with hands-on experience with different types of speeches. The writer digs deep into your requirements and discusses the project with you to come up with a successful speech that serves your goals.

  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

    A dedicated speech writer works on your text until you are satisfied. We offer an extended 14-day free revision period to make sure that you are perfectly happy with your newly written speech.

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Personalized speech writing service: What do we offer?

Public speaking is stressful for many people. Yet, writing speeches that captivate the attention is just as challenging. A poorly written speech can spoil the impression, bore the audience and eventually slow down your professional development.

The solution is turning to speech writing services online. A skilled speech writer can choose the appropriate language, use fresh ideas and structure the narrative to tell your story persuasively. Our professional speech writing services closely follow your instructions to develop speech text that is uniquely yours and captivates the audience in class, at a business meeting, or during a special event.

Here's what you can expect from our professional speechwriters:

  • custom speech composition - we write speeches from scratch based on your instructions. The persuasive speech you'll receive will be one of its kind and appropriate for the situation;

  • formatting and additional services - we will format your speech in APA, MLA, or any other academic format if necessary. In addition to your speech, you can order PowerPoint slides to make your presentation even more persuasive and vivid.

  • timely delivery - we deliver every professional, motivational, or wedding speech according to the deadline. If we let you down, we are ready to refund your payment.

  • uninterrupted communication - communicate with your ghostwriter anytime during the writing process in our inbound messenger. Plus, our customer support chat is available 24/7 for instant communication.

  • unlimited revisions - think that your persuasive speech needs a few improvements? We offer unlimited revisions within 14 days. Our best writers are responsive to your comments and will update the text according to your wishes in no time.

All types of speeches are available here

Our custom speech writing services create inventive texts that effectively get your message across. If you need a good speech for a special occasion, business event, or academic purposes, our speech writers for hire are always there for you. Here are the types of speeches we can help you with:

  • informative speech
  • motivational speech
  • persuasive speech
  • wedding speech
  • forensic speech
  • oratory speech
  • graduation speech
  • retirement speech
  • CEO speech
  • entertainment speech, and many more.

A dedicated speech writer works one-on-one with you, following every instruction and crafting the text that fully meets your expectations. Your writer chooses the appropriate writing style, builds the logical structure, and picks persuasive phrases that spark emotions in the audience.

When you order a speech writing service, you receive as follows:

  • a custom speech, written according to your requirements and tailored to your type of event. You'll get your speech as an editable DOCX document;
  • formatting of your speech in APA, MLA, or another style guide (optional);
  • PowerPoint slides to strengthen your presentation (optional);
  • answers to possible questions from your audience (optional).

What makes our speech writing services different?

  • Our writers are real experts

    Unlike other professional speech writing services, we do not work with freelancers. We have an in-house team of verified experts who have extensive experience in speech writing. For this reason, we continuously deliver good service to our clients, no matter how urgent or challenging your project is. Every speechwriter is an expert in the English language and can craft an attention-grabbing, eloquent text that deserves a standing ovation.

  • We use a client-centered approach

    At SpeechPaths, we consider ourselves experts at solving the problems of our customers. We deliver a personalized speech writing service to every client, meaning that the writer will compose your text from the ground up and not copy it from somewhere else. You can choose the length, level of complexity, and deadline that works for you, and our expert will cater to every requirement. Both the writer and the support team stay in touch with you to ensure that all your requirements are met.

How does it work?

Ready to order an excellent speech created uniquely for you? Here's how our speech writing process looks like:

  • Step 1.
    Place your order

    Sign up and provide us with the instructions for your speech (i.e. number of words/pages, type of speech, any details that the writer should mention, sources, etc.). We encourage our customers to upload detailed instructions so we could better understand your needs.

  • Step 2.
    We find a speech writer

    Our manager connects you with the writer who is most experienced with your type of speech and your subject area. You can contact the writer using our messaging system.

  • Step 3.
    Download your speech

    Download your plagiarism free speech according to the deadline. If you believe that the speech could be improved, request a free revision and the writer will update the text according to your comments. Want to impress the audience during a business meeting, a special event, or in college? Enjoy the benefits of working with a professional speech writer. Place your first order with 20% off - contact us on chat to get your discount!

Why entrust your speech writing to an expert?

Like in any other area of life, if you want something to be done well, it's best to hire a professional. When it comes to speech composition, a speechwriter can reinforce your message, make you sound more convincing, and help you grab the audience's attention. Here are the key reasons to consider speech writers for hire:

  • Your writing skills leave much to be desired. It is hardly possible to craft an impressive speech without superior writing skills and the ability to pick the right words for any situation. Our speech writers have delivered thousands of speeches and know from practice what it takes to put together a speech that makes the audience listen and take notice.
  • You don't have enough expertise or subject proficiency. If you have to give a professional or college speech but the subject is new to you, you'll struggle to persuade the audience. Similarly, if you do not write wedding or retirement speeches regularly, you'll hardly come up with an excellent one at the first attempt. Our in-house experts are familiar with every speech type, from political to amusement ones. They can make your speech shine and help you wow the audience.
  • You're not sure how to organize your thoughts. Are you full of ideas, but once you write them down, your text is difficult to follow? No worries. Our ghostwriters know the successful formulas of different speech types, and will apply them to make your text both concise and persuasive.
  • You want to inspire and impress the audience without much effort. Writing a successful speech takes time that many students and professionals do not have. Why not ease your life and outsource this important task to an expert? Our ghostwriters stay in touch with you online anytime it's convenient to you, and keep working on your speech until it satisfies you and effectively conveys your point.

At SpeechPaths, we craft customized speeches for professionals, students, and people preparing for an important event. We guarantee that your speech paper will be plagiarism-free and tailored to your goals. Contact us today, and let's discuss how we can make your presentation shine!

Reach your goals with a powerful, persuasive speech

Our team uses a personalized approach, considering your unique situation and the context in which you'll be giving the speech. On top of that, we take care of all aspects of speech preparation so you could only practice and give that speech once the day X comes:

  • the writer considers your event and the audience, using professional slang if necessary, or plain words and humor for a personal event. They pick the right words and tone of voice so that the speech is understandable for everyone;
  • our experts logically structure the speech, introducing your ideas in an easy-to-understand manner so that your text is easy to follow;
  • we make each speech informative, meaning that it has plenty of information from credible sources and valuable insights;
  • our speeches appeal not only to logic but also to the emotional side of your audience. We make each speech vivid and eloquent so that it touches the hearts of those present;
  • we guarantee timely and fast delivery of each custom speech so that you could memorize it and practice delivering it to the audience.

Our experts take your type of assignment into account for a perfect result. If you need a business speech, they will base it on important facts, findings, and crucial information for decision-making. For political and oratorical speeches, they will come up with powerful statements, facts that inspire, and expressions and stories that build trust. And in the case with personal event speeches, we will use a theme or a personal story while preserving your unique voice. We have a solution for every client - contact us to discuss how we can help you today!

How much does it cost to hire a speechwriter?

Unlike many speech writing services, we do not charge per word and keep our prices fair. Our services are accessible to everyone, including students. The price of your order will depend on the following parameters:

  • how long your speech should be (in words/pages, 275 words per page);
  • the deadline of your order (the fastest deadline is 12 hours, but you can order a month in advance and save a lot);
  • additional options with your speech, such as PowerPoint slides or answers to questions;
  • you can also choose one of our Top 10 writers who are most experienced and have a 5-star rating with our clients.

As a student, you can also indicate your academic level, and the writer will adjust the language. Our company is fully remote, so we keep our prices lower than our competitors. Order your first speech with a 20% discount and experience all advantages of working with an expert.

Writing help of any kind is available here

In addition to writing speeches, our extensive team can assist with all kinds of writing projects, including:

  • academic essays
  • research papers
  • case studies
  • business reports
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • creative essays, and many more.

Our in-house writers are familiar with different types of writing and specialize in various subject matter areas. We will connect you with an expert who is just perfect for completing your task with brilliance.

How to give an excellent speech that captivates the audience?

Some people have a natural talent for delivering speeches. You can become one of these people, too - just follow this advice to give a great speech:

  • Work on your presentation skills

    Practice delivering your speech in front of the mirror or to a friend. Pay attention to your body language and gestures. Also, consider your manner of speaking such issues as speaking too fast or too quietly can spoil the entire impression from your speech.

  • Check your microphone technique

    Standing too close to the microphone can deafen your audience, plus, they will hear you breathing and lots of other noises. If you stand far away, they will hardly hear you. Practice working with a microphone in advance to avoid an awkward situation.

  • Choose a point you will look at

    If you are not an experienced speaker, maintaining eye contact can be challenging. Try this: choose a point on the opposite wall or the middle of the room that you will look at, and speak at that point. Thus, you'll be able to focus on your speech entirely.

  • Include visual aids smart

    Including PowerPoint slides in your presentation is not necessary. Only use them if they share something new with the audience - for example, photos, graphs and charts, and other details that illustrate your point. If your slides repeat your words, it's best to skip them.

  • Work with a speechwriter

    Crafting an attention-grabbing speech has many nuances that you might not be aware of. To make a brilliant impression on your coworkers, clients, professors, or family, get help from a professional speechwriter. They will find the right words to get your message across in every situation.

Your testimonials inspire us to do more

  • Sage K.
    "I was so nervous about giving a speech for a Political economy class, but Speechpaths saved the day. I sent them a textbook and some notes from the class and received a great persuasive speech with strong arguments. My writer Jessy was always in touch and answered all my questions, plus I got a great discount as a new user."
  • Lucy M.
    "This speech writing service created a game-changing speech for a crucial industry conference. They understood my company and my vision and made a compelling speech that impressed everyone. I recommend this service to all professionals who are too busy to write speeches on their own."
  • CORA C.
    " ... My student life has become much easier with your speech writing service. I have a good reputation due to your writers. Thanks for all speeches for my academic projects and helpful support on the chat!.."
  • Jonathan F.
    "It seemed crazy to have someone compose my wedding speech. But once I received the first draft, I was beyond impressed - the writer managed to reflect my writing style, and included a couple of heartwarming stories that made this speech really special. And the price, of course - these guys charge much cheaper than other similar services. Thanks a lot!"
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