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Your presentation can and should sound compelling! Welcome to the place where ideas and thoughts turn into effective speeches. We believe in the power of words and know how to use it. Let's get it started!

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Strengths of our speech writing service

We are aimed at crafting powerful texts for your oral presentations. By combining writing talents, professional practical background, and in-depth knowledge of communication techniques, we come up with brilliant texts for your speeches.


    Understanding that speech writing can be an immediate task, we have established a special team for urgent orders. Our experts work fast without compromising quality.


    The team of our writers comprises former and existing coaches, educators, and businessmen who regularly do presentations and, thus, know everything about writing a speech.


    As our client, you can be absolutely sure about the text for your speech. Our professional capacity is enough to present any project in the best light.

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Guarantees of our custom speech writing

We comprehend that a poorly written speech leads to a weak presentation and, eventually spoils the impression from the whole project. Our professionals guarantee impeccable results. Let us build a powerful story highlighting the best ideas on your topic.The text from our speechwriter is always an embodiment of well-structured thoughts and persuasive writing techniques. Would you like to see it in practice? Place your order or contact our support managers.

  • Every text is composed individually for the customer (0% plagiarism)

  • Our support on the live chat is uninterrupted

  • We are guided by academic standards and your personal recommendations

  • Our experts can create a visual presentation in addition to your speech

  • Satisfaction guarantee: you pay for a decent speech or we send your money back

Write my speech: Principles of our work

  • The top-notch quality of the service

    You can always count on a perfectly written speech from our specialists. We carefully think over the structure of the text, focus on the core aspects of your topic, pay attention to the readability, as well as consider the stylistic peculiarities of your order. Experts of our company are pretty good at engaging techniques, public speaking skills, and English grammar. And they are ready to apply this knowledge to your orders.

  • Timeliness

    We understand that your occasion can be a life-changing event. Thus, our writer strives to compose the text for your speech before the deadline. SpeechPaths.com has enough experience and intellectual skills to give bold promises concerning short terms.

    We take a sober look at our strengths and clearly realize the time resources necessary for writing a good speech.

  • An individual approach

    Various reasons lead customers to our agency, and we are willing to find an optimal solution for everyone. Be it a non-standard assignment, a little -researched theme, a tight deadline, etc., we'll help you with that.

    Our terms are flexible and client-centered. So, you can choose the most suitable combination "price-deadline-volume of work." Besides, extra offers are available too.

  • Combination of talents and knowledge

    Our shiny speeches are born from unique talents and expert skills. Writing texts for presentations often implies the freedom of thoughts and creativity. Yet the team of our company also realizes the necessity to follow rules.

    Indeed, our best speeches arise at the intersection of professionalism, inspiration, and insightful understanding of customers' wishes.

Our professional speech writers bring big results


    The text you receive from our experts is usually about two or three standard pages. Yet big effort stands behind it. The speech writer carefully analyzes your goals, thinks through the style, picks the most suitable words, builds persuasive phrases, etc. The structure of the text is always well-thought-out so that to catch and hold readers' attention. Besides, our team always considers the time you have for the oral presentation. Be it three or fifteen minutes, we adjust the volume of text to it.


    With our portal, you receive much more than a paper composed in accordance with instructions. Our service does not stop at professionally written texts, it covers friendly and informative support throughout all the period of our cooperation. It means that every student or any other user is free to ask us questions online. There is always someone behind the screen: our managers work day and night, without days off, holidays, and breaks. We have seen that this system results in timely solutions to clients' problems. That is why we successfully use it in practice.

Writing services for your powerful speeches

If you are looking for someone to compose the text for your presentation, you surely count on professional assistance. Otherwise, what is the sense to purchase this service? SpeechPaths.com is your best choice as we practice a thoughtful and effective approach to writing any type of paper, and the speech, in particular.

A serious attitude to custom speech writing services

We never send superficially written texts. Every speech results from an in-depth analysis of your goals. Our employees always pay attention to the following aspects:

  • the time for your presentation (mention the number of minutes you have for your presentation in the Order Form),

  • the occasion and the audience (we craft speeches for college assignments, business projects, private events),

  • the academic level of the task (everything starting from the speech for a high school essay and to the dissertation presentation is available here),

  • the purpose of your speech (our texts demonstrate students' knowledge, draw attention to specific issues, motivate listeners to actions, etc.).

To come up with the best speech for you, our assistants delve into details and carefully analyze every single nuance. Whatever type of speech you require or whoever you hire from our agency, the results are always worth it. It is because you deal with a reliable enterprise that values its good name and sincerely wants to contribute to clients' success.

Who is our speechwriter?

Imagine that there is a person who can present all your suggestions and thoughts in the best possible light. He/she is someone who understands you and knows the expectations of your audience. What is more important, this professional is aware of thousands of methods on how to convey your message and win listeners' attention. All this is about our speech writer who is responsible for the perfection of your paper.

His/her core function is to compose the text for your oral presentation. In order to write a speech, our author:

  • studies the requirements written in your Form;

  • reveals the goals of speech writing precisely for your occasion;

  • considers academic rules of formatting (APA, Chicago, MLA) if necessary;

  • applies writing talents to come up with a plagiarism-free text rich in awesome ideas;

  • composes additional materials for your speech (slides, answers to questions);

  • gives consultations on writing help and speeches.

In addition, our employee always follows individual preferences of students and other customers. All this results in a successful speech writing service of which we are proud.

All in all, our authors can become your reliable friends and assistants in everything that is related to texts.

Do not miss the opportunity to buy your winning speech at a good price!

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The speech written by our experts will be:

  • logically structured (even if it is about 1-page text, we build a plan for it);

  • compelling (we find enough arguments to prove the core idea of the speech);

  • understandable for your audience (our assistants consider professional vocabulary and slang);

  • informative (our papers are meaningful and contain valuable facts);

  • evocative (when we write a speech, we try to make it vivid and bright).

Our speech writing service includes:

  • the text for your presentation;

  • answers to potential questions on the subject of your speech (optional);

  • slides (if you wish to place an order on this additional service).

Types of texts according to their goals:

  • persuasive speech for college/university projects;

  • creative speech for non-standard assignments;

  • professional speech for business;

  • informative speech for crucial reports;

  • wedding speech just to help you express your feelings.

We have already helped thousands of clients to step closer to their dreams. Now we are ready to see you among our customers too. If you require someone to write any text for you, let it be an expert in this stuff. SpeechPaths.com has proven experience in everything that is connected with speech writing and related assistance. Be it your report on History, graduation ceremony, or a presentation on the bold startup, we will pick the necessary words for it.

Speech writing help: Our prices

You will be pleasantly surprised with the cost of our speech writing service. We have built the system of our business so that every customer could turn to us for help.

Firstly, this approach enables us to win popularity and earn enough income. Secondly, we are guided by a sincere desire to help people and, thus, do not overprice our work.

Our managers set reasonable prices on our speech writing assistance. Besides, when you place an order on our portal, you can adjust the price by choosing such parameters:

  • the deadline,

  • the volume of text,

  • additional details (i.e. you are free to pick one of our top writers)

The price per page is modest and honest compensation for our time and effort spent on your order.

Should you write your speech or hire a specialist for it?

The benefits from work with experts are undeniable, especially if it deals with such a professional enterprise as SpeechPaths.com. You can devote hours or even days to your speech, still, this effort does not guarantee good results. Cooperation with our specialists is quite another matter.

  • We have enough experience and understanding of what the best speech is. Our writer can use a sample as the basis for your text. However, his/her gained knowledge is of greater importance.

  • You save your time. We are sure you have more captivating plans apart from speech writing. At least, you can save your energy for a future presentation. For instance, you will have to memorize the text.


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