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At SpeechPaths, we offer custom speech writing services for students, professionals, and academics, as well as special occasion speeches. We believe in the power of words and craft speeches that inspire, inform, persuade, and uplift. Our speech writers will deliver a customized speech tailored to your special situation, helping you win your audience's hearts!

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Let our speech writing service craft a powerful text for you

People give speeches in different situations: in class, during business meetings, special events, or political campaigns. Yet, crafting the speech that catches the attention of listeners and wins their hearts, is incredibly hard. It takes not only advanced writing skills, but also an understanding of the audience, the context, and how speeches work to create a powerful text.

Our agency employs professional speech writers who create content-rich, emotional speeches that help our clients reach their goals. Whether it's a product presentation for potential clients, a graduation speech for college, an educational informative speech or a wedding toast for a best man, our experts will prepare your text swiftly and efficiently.

As a professional speech writing service, we employ ghostwriters with years of expertise. Our persuasive speech makers have prepared hundreds of speeches for conferences, meetings, weddings, universities, and political events. We have mastered the formula of effective speech writing to craft texts that educate, motivate, and melt the hearts of your listeners, whatever your purpose is. And the best part is, with our pocket-friendly prices, everyone can afford speech writing help now!

What makes SpeechPaths different?

  • Speeches are crafted by talented ghostwriters

    Unlike other speech writing services, we do not use AI or pre-written texts to craft speeches for our clients. A speech writer online develops each speech from scratch based on your instructions, expectations, and recommended sources.

  • Plagiarism-free writing

    Each paper that our professional speech writer composes is one of a kind. We check every written speech before delivery to avoid plagiarism and prove that your text is 100% unique. Whether it's a speech, an academic paper or an essay, with us, you can forget about plagiarism!

  • In-house speech experts

    We have a team of in-house speech writers and do not cooperate with freelancers. Thus, we control the quality of the texts we deliver and ensure that each speech written is up to scratch. All our experts have 2+ years of experience in speech composition and academic writing.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

    With a team of talented ghostwriters and strict quality control, we guarantee satisfaction with each speech we deliver. If you're not quite content with the paper you got, a professional speechwriter will revise it for free. You can take as many revisions as you like for 14 days.

  • Anonymity and confidentiality

    Working with us is safe and absolutely confidential. Our professional writers never disclose any facts about our customers online, so the fact that you've hired us to write speeches will remain in secret.

  • We are here for you 24/7

    We work 24/7, with no days off, to cater to each speech writing request - even if you need it at 1 a.m. We always have available writers, so if you need urgent speech writing help, we can deliver an original text to you in just 12 hours!

Little-known advantages of hiring a pro speechwriter

Speaking in front of a large crowd is intimidating for many. Whether it's a business or a personal event, it can be challenging to pick the right words, to keep the audience's attention, and eventually to get your message across and be remembered.

Even if you're an experienced speaker, the text of your speech is paramount. A weak, irrelevant, or boring speech that lacks original ideas can spoil everything. On the flip side, a well-written speech with insightful ideas and curious facts will give you confidence and help achieve your goals.

By leveraging years of expertise and excellent writing skills, professional speech writers can develop a powerful text for you:

  • Do you lack ideas and experience writer's block? Our creative writers will come up with witty ideas, making your speech eloquent, meaningful, and bright. We will also tailor the text for a specific audience, picking the right words, metaphors, and examples that will resonate with them.

  • Need to keep the attention of a big audience? Our wizards will prepare a powerful formal or motivational speech that appeals to everyone and sparks emotions.

  • Not sure how to persuade the audience? Our experts will use rhetorical devices and methods of persuasion to inspire the audience to accept your viewpoint or take action. We craft speeches that appeal to logic and emotions to make your presentation a memorable one.

  • Want to get the best grade in class? A speech writer will craft a strong text for your class or discussion club that will convey your viewpoint. We use credible sources and the best practices in speech composition to help you get the desired grade.

  • Are you stressed before an important event? If you need a good speech for an anniversary, wedding, family celebration, or another special occasion, we're here to help. By employing storytelling techniques and anecdotes, our ghostwriter will craft a heartwarming entertaining speech.

How does it work?

We have implemented a quick, fully remote process of cooperation. Ordering speech writing services has never been easier:

  • Step 1. Sign up and order persuasive speech
    Tell us what type of speech you need, how many minutes or words, the audience, sources to use, and any other details.

  • Step 2. We choose a writer
    Your personal manager picks the best available writer who specializes in your type of speech. Or, you can choose the Top 10 Writers option when placing an order, and our writer with the highest customer rating will complete your speech.

  • Step 3. Download your ready speech
    Get your ready speech according to the deadline and prepare to shine! If you believe that the speech needs to be polished, your writer will revise the text for free.

What our customers say

  • Rosa S.
    "I'm so impressed with this speech writing service. Their writers created a captivating business speech for me that impressed everyone present. I managed to find new clients and improve my professional reputation. Couldn't have asked for a better result!"
  • Alicia B.
    "I came to Speechpaths for a college graduation speech. The writer took my notes and created a beautiful speech that reflected my voice and delivered my message effectively. I got a standing ovation with this speech. I'm so grateful to you guys for such incredible work!"
  • Ben F.
    "I'm using this speech writing service on a regular basis, both for speeches and academic assignments. The quality of writing is always good. They deliver well-written, impactful speeches that my professors love. What's even better, their prices are quite good even for a college student"
  • Joseph E.
    "I needed to prepare an informative speech in two days and was about to panic, but this service saved the day for me. Corey, my writer, was exceptionally skilled and delivered a well-researched, structured speech for me plus PowerPoint slides. I received a testament from my boss for exceptional work. Thank you guys!"
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Hire the best talented speech writers on our website

Our company staffs writers with vast experience in speech composition, as well as other types of writing. We have won the hearts of our returning customers by providing them with well-written, properly researched, and insightful speeches for any situation.

Our team has professional ghostwriters, former teachers, and academic writers who specialize in different disciplines. We check the credentials and samples of each writer to ensure that they can deliver exceptional service to our clients.

Here's what you can expect from us:

  • Expertise in speech composition - our writer will develop the strategy to write a persuasive speech for your situation and audience. They'll come up with creative ideas and metaphors to make the text truly memorable.
  • Reliable service - we deliver each public speaking text in a timely manner. Even if you order an urgent speech, rest assured that we won't let you down and deliver a high-quality speech written with your requirements in mind.
  • Formatting and extra services - we can format your text and sources according to the academic style guide of your choice. Or, if you need a presentation, your speech writer can prepare PowerPoint slides and answers to potential questions from the audience.
  • American and British writers - choose a writer from the US or the UK if you want your text to be crafted by a native English expert. Plus, you can order a Premium service when placing an order and one of our PhD editors will proofread and polish your text.

Do not miss the opportunity to buy your winning speech at a good price!

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All types of speeches are available here

The SpeechPaths team can prepare any speech, be it a corporate motivational speech or an amusing wedding toast:

  • informative speeches
  • persuasive speeches
  • wedding speeches
  • special occasion speeches
  • motivational speeches
  • oratorical speeches
  • entertaining speeches
  • retirement speeches
  • forensic speeches
  • debate speeches, etc.

Order a professional speech at a pocket-friendly price

Unlike many other speech writing services, we do not charge per word. The mission of our agency is to make the services of a speechwriter affordable for everyone. Plus, as a virtual company, we can keep our prices lower than our competitors.

The final price will vary depending on the complexity of your speech, how many pages you need (one page is 275 words), and the deadline. If you order your speech weeks in advance, the price will be about twice as cheap as if you order a next-day delivery.

All new customers get a 20% discount - claim your discount code in our chat. As a returning customer, you can use a lifelong discount system, or invite a friend and get up to 50% off your order. Plus, we don't just deliver a brand-new speech to you and call it a day. The writer keeps polishing and updating your speech until it meets your initial requirements. We offer an extended 14-day revision period that you won't find with most writing agencies!

Want to know the price of your order? Send the details of your speech to our customer support reps and we'll calculate the cost of your speech immediately. Our prices are transparent - you know the fee upfront and there will be no additional charges.

How to craft a powerful speech that wins your audience?

Preparing an effective speech takes strong writing skills and an understanding of the specifics of your event. Here's how to craft a speech that keeps the audience engaged and gets your message across, according to a professional speech writer:

Understand your target audience

Before you start writing the speech, take your time to understand who you will be speaking to. Identify the age, background, interests, and other characteristics of your audience. What are their interests and beliefs? What brought them together, i.e. what type of event - professional, personal, or else?

As you understand your audience, you'll be able to use the word choice and examples so that they resonate with your listeners. Plus, knowing the details about the people you'll be speaking to will help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Pick a relevant topic

If you have the freedom to choose the subject of your speech, choose one that a)you're an expert at and b)reflects your audience's interests. Pick out a subject that aligns with the interests, goals, or knowledge of your intended audience.

Develop a strong speech structure

Whether you are writing an informative, motivational, or college speech, it should have a clear structure that your listeners will easily follow. Write an outline for you speech, including the following elements:

  • introduction - here, you need to give an brief idea of what people can expect from your speech, go through the main points, and establish your credibility.
  • body - outline the key points of your speech that contain the main ideas you'd like to share with those present. Keep them to 4-5 at most. Focus each point on a single idea, so that you won't overwhelm the audience, and illustrate your points with graphics and evidence. Use transitions to ensure a seamless flow between ideas and help your audience follow your line effortlessly.
  • conclusion - wrap up your main ideas, appealing both to the logical and emotional side of the audience to leave a lasting impression. Reinforce the central message you want to convey so that the audience retains information. End with a powerful call to action or a quote that contains the essence of your message.

Create a strong opener

The first minutes of your speech are the best time to connect with the audience and engage them right away. You can use stories, thought-provoking questions, or curious statistics to catch their attention right away. Or, share a personal anecdote - makes your speech more relatable and authentic. To establish your credibility as a speaker, share your credentials early in your speech - it will help build trust. By using these methods, you'll connect with people faster and inspire them to pay attention to your words.

Use rhetorical devices and work on the language

To liven up your speech and make it more appealing and memorable, use these methods:

  • rely on rhetorical devices to make your speech more persuasive. Repeat the key points for emphasis, and use parallelism to make your speech more balanced and captivating. Appeal to emotions, not only to logic, to win the hearts of your audience.
  • vary the sentence structure, alternating short sentences with the long ones. This will give your speech rhythm and make it more engaging for listeners. Use active voice instead of passive to make your statements more powerful.
  • use rich vocabulary, metaphors, and comparisons to create vivid mental pictures in the minds of people. Eloquent, vivid speeches are easier to remember and relate to, even after the speech is over.
  • pay attention to your delivery. Mind the tone of voice, volume, and pauses in your speech. A dynamic, engaging delivery will surely impress your listeners.

Practice for perfection

Rehearse your speech a few times to fine-tune your delivery. Speak in front of your friends or family, hear constructive criticism and work on the weak points in your speech. Set the time so that your speech does not exceed the time limit.

Work on your body language and use gestures in the delivery of your speech to emphasize important things non-verbally. Record yourself to work on voice modulation and volume. Remember that it's important to maintain eye contact with the audience. If that sounds challenging, try looking at some element on the opposite wall as you speak.

Consider using strategies that encourage participation - ask rhetorical questions, use personal stories, and rely on visual aids to reinforce your message.

Ask for help

Writing texts for public speaking has its secrets and peculiarities. Whether you need to fine-tune your written speech or create one from scratch, our experts will gladly help. Our speechwriter will come up with an entertaining, informative, or motivational speech that will make the audience feel inspired.

SpeechPaths is your go-to source for all written assignments

As a versatile writing agency, SpeechPaths creates written projects for professional, personal, and academic purposes. With 100+ in-house writers and editors, we can help students and professionals with any paper:

  • creative essay
  • research paper
  • business plan
  • admissions essay
  • math problems
  • Excel calculations
  • PowerPoint slides
  • dissertation chapters
  • website content
  • business report, and many more.

In addition to custom writing, you can also order editing and proofreading of any text. Our experts will check the first draft of your speech or essay, strengthen the structure, improve the word choice and polish syntax and grammar for the best outcome.

Worried about your speech? Turn to custom speech writing services

Whether you need a compelling speech for retirement, business presentation, political campaign, or wedding, we're here to help. Our writing wizard will craft a powerful speech that delivers your message, sparks emotions, and gets remembered. Order your first speech with us with 20% off!