Amazing Retirement Speeches Examples & Writing Tips


Writing memorable retirement speeches: Expert tips & examples

Writing your retirement speech seems daunting? You are not alone. In this post, our professional speechwriters share techniques for writing a truly memorable speech.

People with whom you've worked for years have become an important part of your professional and personal life. You have spent more time with your coworkers than with your family members, and they witnessed your achievements as well as rough times. Thus, you'll want to craft a heartwarming retirement farewell speech to thank everyone for the good times spent together.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to writing a good retirement speech for any situation. The duration of the speech and what to include will depend on your relationships with coworkers, how many years you have spent in the company, and the corporate culture. In this blog, we have summarized the main principles for writing a great retirement speech plus some examples for your inspiration.

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Two memorable retirement speech examples

If you are looking for sample speeches for your retirement party or the final meeting at the office, check out the examples below. You can customize them a little, or use them as an inspiration to write your own speech.

Formal retirement speech

This example of a speech of a person retiring has a formal tone and is focused on their professional achievements. It also expresses sincere gratitude towards colleagues and reiterates important professional highlights.

Funny retirement speech example

This humorous speech won an international speech contest decades ago. If you want to draft an informal speech, pay attention to the structure and tone of voice in this example.

Professional tips on what to say in your retirement speech

As you give a speech for your retirement celebration, things can easily go wrong. Some people get carried away and use unprofessional jokes and personal stories that make others feel uncomfortable. Others prepare thoroughly, but their speech lacks warmth and emotion. Here's how to compose a speech that will sound professional, appropriate, and sincere.

Keep it on a positive note

Not all companies can boast a positive working environment and strong relationships between the co-workers. Even if your boss had anger management issues and some coworkers were toxic, do not bring this up on your retirement day. Focus on the positive side of things - you can think of some good moments during your fulfilling career which are worth mentioning. If coworkers failed to become your second family, compliment them on their work ethic and mention the results you've achieved as a team.

Be grateful

As you spend time creating your speech, devote at least one paragraph to expressing gratitude. Thank your boss, people that worked next to you every day, and mention a few people you had strong relationships with. You may even share a short story about some project or achievement. If at least one family member is present, thank them for supporting you in your career as well. To make a lasting impression also mention what you've achieved with the company, what challenges you faced, and who helped you along the way.

Mind the event and the audience

You will want to adapt the content of your speech depending on where the event will take place and how many people will be present. Obviously, the text of the speech for a company-wide meeting with two hundred people and a small gathering in your office will be different. In the latter case, you can keep your speech less formal as if you were speaking to close friends, but do not forget to keep it professional. If speaking for a larger audience, you might want to leave insider jokes out and focus on things that everyone in a room will understand.

Choose the right tone

If you work for a company that encourages a laid-back environment, casual clothes, and informal team-building events, it is absolutely fine to come up with a funny retirement speech. Your colleagues will appreciate it and see it as a sign of warm, friendly working relations. On the flip side, if you work in a serious organization with a formal professional culture, such as an investment bank, law firm, or a government institution, it is best to keep your speech formal and polite.

Share your ideas for retirement

The public opinion about retirement today is different from that of twenty years ago. Now, not everyone is looking forward to receiving a gold watch and a calm time off work. Your retirement speech will look even better if you share plans for the future. Tell what you'd like to do during your next chapter of life: consult and mentor others, start a new exciting hobby, or maybe travel. Let your friends and family know that you are looking forward to something new and interesting.

Use visual aids

Another good idea for retirement speeches is supporting them with visual aids. You can prepare a presentation with pictures from corporate events or celebrations, or share a video of some memorable moments. If you launch a presentation during your speech, it will evoke a bigger emotional response and help you truly connect with an audience.

Get professional help

After you've written a draft of your speech, ask for honest feedback from a trusted person, such as a family member or a friend. They will look at the text with a fresh eye and recommend what to add and remove. If you truly care about the success of your speech, consult a professional speechwriter. They will review your speech with a professional perspective and recommend improvements that will work better with the auidence.

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How to give a retirement speech for an employee?

If you aren't the one who is retiring and need to pay tribute to a retiring coworker or subordinate, you'll want to prepare thoroughly. The most important thing about such speeches is to keep them personalized. Find features specific to that person, and focus on these features as you bid farewell to them. You may not only pay homage to a retiree's work, but also mention their personality, complement their sense of humor, the ability to solve unsolvable problems, or a high-achieving spirit. Thank the person for their contribution to the company - after all, they have devoted years of their life to it, and their achievements need to be mentioned.

Preparing to give your retirement speech

Composing your speech is only a half of the journey. You also need to deliver it efficiently to impress the audience. Since public speaking is a challenge to many, take these tips from professional speech writers into account:

Prepare and practice

It is hardly possible to deliver a persuasive speech without proper preparation. Start practicing your speech days in advance: read it aloud, and work on your gestures and body language. You will have plenty of time to hear how your words actually sound, and add/paraphrase something to make the speech better. Moreover, as you practice delivering the speech to your family, you will feel more confident speaking to the audience on your big day.

Dress for success

A polished professional attire will help you feel more confident in everything you do, including public speaking. You don't need to be overdressed, but wearing a new pressed suit and freshening your nails will make you look more considerate during the official retirement day.

Master techniques to stay calm

Many people find speaking to a large crowd intimidating. You may feel anxious, have sweaty palms, and other symptoms of stress. To calm down before the speech, try breathing exercises - the simplest one is counting to four as you breathe in and out. Other methods to beat anxiety include meditation - give yourself a few minutes before getting on stage - and visualization techniques. Imagine the room and the audience, and plan every move in advance. Keep a glass of water at hand in case you have a sore throat - you can also take a sip or two when you need to pause.

Keep it brief

Whether delivering the speech is an exciting perspective for you or you are anxious about it, remember to keep it short. As a rule, you need to keep it between 5 to 10 minutes. No need to pay tribute to every person you worked with and recollect every workplace situation. Mention only the most important milestones and people who played a key role in your professional life. Time yourself as you practice speaking at home to keep your speech at optimal length and not to bore the audience.

Choose a point you will look at

If you don't deliver speeches frequently, your eyes may start to wander as you speak, and you can get distracted or simply feel uncomfortable. Here's the solution: find a point that you will look at as you speak. This can be a clock or a poster on the opposite wall. The audience will think that you are looking at the back row, and you'll be able to concentrate on your speech entirely.

As you write and deliver your retirement speech, do not forget about the main thing: have fun during the process! Speeches may sound stressful, but eventually your retirement party will become a memorable day that will evoke only positive emotions.

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