The history and evolution of speech synthesis


Image: synthesis means the artificial creation of a human voice. A special text-to-speech (TTS) system automatically translates the written text into speech. Today, speech synthesis is used in many hardware and software products, as well as in manufacturing and alarm systems. In this article, we will look back at the history of speech synthesis and how it is used today.The history of speech synthesisThe first ...Continue reading

Top 5 Famous Speeches By Women


5 Famous speeches by women that empower and inspire Need to write a speech for your class or an important business event, but have any ideas about what to write? Consider drawing inspiration from powerful speeches by famous women that captivated the attention of millions and left their traces in history. Today, we have collected the most famous speeches by women on women's success and role in the society, women's rights, equal pay, mental health, and more. Learn from women who ...Continue reading

Special Occasion Speech Examples & Writing Tips


How to write an awesome special occasion speech: Tips & Example Special occasion speeches are given in a variety of situations: weddings, awards ceremonies, political events, retirement, and many more. Their purpose is to mark the significance of an important event. Usually, they take no longer than 10 minutes, and most such speeches serve the entertainment purpose, though, some of them also have an informative message. In this article, our speechwriters will share the secrets of writing ...Continue reading

Sample Highschool Graduation Speeches & Tips


Highschool graduation speeches: Examples & writing tipsHigh school graduation is one of the most important moments in life. And, if you were chosen to speak to your classmates at the graduation ceremony, you can make this day even more memorable for your peers and everyone present. If you have never written speeches before, worry no more. Read this article to find out:how to write a memorable high school graduation speech,how to choose a theme that resonates with your audience, and ...Continue reading

Amazing Valedictorian Speech Examples & Tips


Memorable valedictorian speech examples (+ Tips & ideas)Becoming a valedictorian and giving a speech in front of other fellow graduates is a great honor. On the flip side, drafting a memorable speech that the audience will remember for a long time is a huge stress. You need to reflect about four years in high school, choose a theme that will resonate with others, and keep the audience engaged during the entire speech.To make things easier for you, in this post, our pro speechwriters ...Continue reading

Amazing Retirement Speeches Examples & Writing Tips


Writing memorable retirement speeches: Expert tips & examples Writing your retirement speech seems daunting? You are not alone. In this post, our professional speechwriters share techniques for writing a truly memorable speech. People with whom you've worked for years have become an important part of your professional and personal life. You have spent more time with your coworkers than with your family members, and they witnessed your achievements as well as rough times. Thus, ...Continue reading

Best Tips To Write An Amazing Demonstrative Speech


6 steps to write a brilliant demonstrative speech + Topic ideas A demonstrative speech is a form of instruction during which you show your audience how to perform a specific task or complete the process. To make their demonstration easy to understand, speakers rely on visual aids, such as videos or presentations. In this post, our experts will explain how to develop and deliver an effective demonstration speech even if you don't have much public speaking experience. Below, you will ...Continue reading