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A professional speech writer will develop a persuasive speech, articulating your ideas and adapting the text for your target audience. Collaborate with a writer near you who follows the requirements precisely and perfectly understands your needs.

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Our website has the best speech writers with verified skills. We write speeches of any kind, providing every customer with these advantages:

  • Original writing

    Our writers leverage years of expertise to create a truly memorable speech for a university, professional event, or special occasion. A speechwriter works one-on-one with you to learn your requirements and prepare plagiarism-free, original content.

  • Connect with a local speech writer

    We will find a professional speech writer who is located in the same time zone as you for a successful cooperation. Whether it's a graduation speech, a wedding toast, or a business report, your writer will follow every requirement to make it perfect.

  • We create speeches on time

    We deliver written speeches according to the deadline you've chosen. Even if it's 12 hours or less, you will receive a brand-new persuasive speech right on time. You'll have 14 days to ask for free edits if necessary.

  • Always in touch

    Our speech writing services work 24/7 for your convenience, so you can place your order even late in the evening. The support team is always online on chat to answer any questions about informative, college, or wedding speeches.

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Our experts can relieve you from speech writing stress

If you are looking to hire an expert to get your speech done, you are in the right place. If you are no expert in public speaking, creating your speech can seem intimidating. Our company will find a speech writer who is best qualified to complete your task and can deliver the text that conveys your message and evokes emotions.

We have a large network of writers located across the US, Canada, the UK, and other English-speaking countries. Get matched with a local expert who can prepare an impeccable graduation, informative, debate, demonstrative, or wedding speech. Share your ideas and your vision with the writer, and they will come up with a persuasive speech that reflects your tone of voice.

Do you think that hiring a speechwriter is for CEOs and politicians? Think twice. Today, everyone can hire a speechwriter and impress the audience with a brilliant speech. Whether it's an informative business speech or a speech of the best man, our well-versed expert will develop an impressive text for you - place your order today and make sure!

The benefits of hiring our local speech writing services

Our agency is focused on delivering the best speeches tailored to your goals. We use a personalized approach, providing each client with a written masterpiece. Our speech writers are:

  • skilled in different speech types - a wedding toast differs from an informative speech or a political campaign one. Our writing wizards know the ins and outs of different speech types and craft yours following the best standards and practices.

  • attentive to detail - the ghostwriters of our service have outstanding writing skills and are proficient in the English language. They will take all your requirements into account and return a perfectly written and formatted text free from any mistakes or typos.

  • full of brilliant ideas - we use a creative approach when composing motivational, oratorical, or wedding speeches. The writer will use metaphors, stories, anecdotes, and curious facts to make your story catchy and memorable.

  • focused on showing your personality - if you send us your notes, your speech writer will preserve your tone of voice and make your personality shine in every word. Thus, you will feel natural and confident as a speaker.

  • responsive to your comments - our writers don't just send you a copy of the wedding speech and call it a day. The writer works as your trusted partner, making improvements in the written text until you are happy with the result.

Customers love our speech writing services

  • Aisha S., Texas
    "This speech writing service truly surpassed my expectations. I had a motivational speech to complete, and the writer obviously did their research. They took my notes and sent me a captivating speech that thrilled the audience. The speech had an engaging narrative and delivered my message effectively. Highly recommend these guys to everyone!"
  • Corey F., New Mexico
    "I ordered a speech for my college graduation. I was blown away by their talent and dedication. My writer Alison went through several rounds of revision, but the result was outstanding. Everyone in the hall was so impressed and excited. If you want a speech for a special day that leaves a lasting impression, Speech Paths is your go-to choice."
  • Mark D., Florida
    "This service is very affordable, but they do deliver great speeches. I ordered two speeches for the company's clients, and every time my audience was super interested and listened to my every word. They managed to convey my message effectively and focus on my key selling points. The writer also prepared a strong presentation so I was 100% ready for every event. Thanks a lot!"
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How does it work?

Ordering your college graduation, debate, or wedding speech from a local expert is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • 1. Fill out the instructions and place an order for speech writing services. Add details of your assignment so that the speech writer could better understand your needs.

  • 2. We pick a speechwriter near you who is best qualified in your speech type. You can also choose our Top 10 writers if your speech is very important (+30% of the order).

  • 3. Download the completed speech and get ready to shine! Free revisions are available within 14 days.

Who can write my speech for me?

Speech writing is a common task in many contexts. If writing your speech seems intimidating, you have a few options available:

  • Ask a friend for help

    If your friend has a way with words, you can ask them to help you craft a great speech. You can explain all the details and you can brainstorm and write the speech together. They can also share helpful tips that you can use in the future. However, you can rely on your friend's help only once or twice, as friends shouldn't help with your writing tasks all the time.

  • Use AI tools to create your speech

    Today, people extensively use AI tools to write texts, including speeches. While this may sound like a good idea to complete your "write my speech online" task using a robot, AI-generated texts are usually of a poor quality and contain no original ideas. Thus, during an oral presentation, you'll likely make a weak impression and fail to reach your goals.

  • Hire a professional speechwriter

    Hiring persuasive speech writing services is the perfect solution if you need a strong speech. Usually, speech writers are sought after when you need to find the right words for a big audience. Yet, they can be of great help if you need a speech for a college conference, business event, retirement speech, or an anniversary celebration. Professional speechwriters have created hundreds of great speeches and can deliver high-quality work on any subject, so you can rely on them.

Why using AI-generated speech is not the best idea?

Today students and professionals actively use AI tools to generate texts, including speeches. While this may seem a viable solution if you are struggling to create a speech, it is hardly possible to generate a persuasive high-quality text.

The AI uses existing content to generate texts. They can only re-use ideas and texts that were used by someone, but cannot generate anything truly original. Moreover, you have no control over how your informative or wedding speech is generated. AI software can return you a plagiarized text or misleading, incorrect facts that will make you feel awkward in front of a big audience.

Thus, if you want to deliver a heartwarming, inspiring speech and have no time to prepare it yourself, hiring a speech writer is the most reasonable strategy. You'll receive a reliable helper who cares about the success of your presentation and will give you a sense of confidence.

Work one-on-one with a talented speech writer

At SpeechPaths, we carefully vet writers who want to work with us. We verify their diplomas and credentials and test their speech writing skills. For this reason, you can rest assured that you'll receive a speech of excellent quality if you order it from our experts. Each writer has composed hundreds of speeches and knows exactly what it takes to impress your target audience.

Already have a written speech? Our experts will help strengthen it, improving the word choice, and adding facts from credible sources or personal stories. The writer will make sure that your speech sounds persuasive and perfectly serves your goals.

Here are just a few reasons why you will benefit from hiring speech writing services:

  • Take advantage of our expertise - our experts have prepared thousands of texts for past clients and have mastered the recipe for the perfect speech. We will work on the word choice, structure, and metaphors, and add anecdotes to make your speech brilliant.
  • Build an emotional connection with your audience - every good speech not just informs, it sparks emotions with the audience. Whether it's a wedding speech or a graduation speech, our experts will make it vivid and lively to impress and inspire your listeners.
  • Your writer is always there for you - your dedicated speech writer stays in touch throughout the process. You can message them anytime in a messenger and discuss your project in detail, or ask for corrections.
  • Hire the same writer for multiple speeches - you can hire a speechwriter who worked on your previous speech. Just insert the writer's ID when placing a new order, and we will connect you with the same person.

Do not miss the opportunity to buy your winning speech at a good price!

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What types of speeches can we help you with?

Any speech you want - our experts specialize in various types of speeches and pour in effort and dedication to make your text shine:

  • graduation speech
  • informative speech
  • wedding speech (speeches of the maid of honor, the best man, the bride, etc.)
  • entertaining speech
  • motivational speech
  • honor speech
  • graduation speech
  • public relations speech
  • special occasion speech
  • demonstrative speech, etc.

In every occasion, our dedicated speech writers will develop the strategy and structure of your speech to make it short yet persuasive. An expert works one-on-one with you, wrapping up your message in the right words to help you impress the audience and reach your goals.

The most popular types of speeches: Choosing the right one for you

If you are not sure what type of speech writing you need, take a look at the most popular ones below. Types of speeches vary depending on the audience, length, purpose, level of formality, and the use of humor.

  • Informative speech

    The purpose of such speech is to educate the audience on the subject. As a rule, they educate the audience about the complex concept, presenting it in an engaging, easy-to-understand way. You can hear such speeches in academic settings, conferences, and TED Talks.

    To prepare a successful text, a speech writer should do extensive research and be closely familiar with the subject matter. To captivate the audience, you need to present facts, and incorporate visual aids, storytelling techniques, and relatable examples to keep the speech rich in information yet exciting for the listeners.

  • Persuasive speech

    Persuasive speeches aim to prove a particular viewpoint to the listeners, and inspire them to accept it or to take action. Such speeches are used in political debates, presentations, and sales pitches where you need not only to convey information, but also to drive action or inspire a different way of thinking.

    Speech writers use rhetorical devices to make people accept the viewpoint, such as emotional appeal, logical reasoning, and powerful storytelling. They also use metaphors and vivid descriptions to connect with the audience on an emotional level. These techniques compel listeners to embrace your viewpoint and take concrete steps you want them to take.

  • Entertaining speech

    Every entertainment speech is aimed to evoke amusement and joy. You can hear such speeches from comedians and after-dinner speakers. They are also popular at special events - for example, wedding toast, the best man's speech, and acceptance speech.

    In this case, speech writing involves using the power of humor, jokes, and language that sparks emotions. The writer comes up with witty anecdotes, uses clever wordplay or even improvisational techniques to leave the audience in a good mood and create a memorable experience.

  • Motivational speech

    A motivational speech is designed to inspire confidence in individuals and empower them to achieve certain goals. Such speeches are widely used during sports events, leadership training, and personal development conferences.

    A speech writer is trying to persuade the audience appealing mostly to emotions instead of logic and ratio. The writer's goal is to evoke passion, enthusiasm and make the listener relate to what they hear. By creating powerful stories and reinforcing their belief in themselves, you inspire the audience to uncover their potential.

  • Special occasion speech

    Such speeches are commonly used to introduce a guest at an event, pay tribute to a coworker who is retiring, or during a birthday celebration. In a special occasion speech, you need to emphasize the importance of the event in a concise way.

    Our speech writing experts can assist with any of the above types, either crafting it from scratch or helping polish the speech you already have. Contact us to discuss your goals and order your first speech with a 15% discount!


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In addition to speech writing, our website can help with other writing projects, including academic papers, business documents, and more. With hundreds of writers trained in writing and formatting different papers, we can complete the task of any complexity. Here are some examples of projects we can handle for you:

  • college essay
  • research paper
  • book review
  • business plan
  • case study
  • application essay
  • business report
  • thesis
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • essay editing services, and more.

Leave the audience speechless with our local speech writing services

Our agency has writers located in New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, Houston, and other cities. We will match you with a speechwriter near you who will use persuasion techniques and outstanding writing skills to craft a good speech for you at a budget-friendly price.