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Our wordsmiths prepare persuasive speeches for college, political events, weddings, business meetings, and many more. We cater to every speech request in no time, providing each customer with an eloquent speech tailored to their needs.

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Why hiring our speech writers is your best choice?

As a trusted 'write my speech online' agency with years of expertise, we grant these advantages to our customers:

  • 100% original speeches

    We compose each informative speech with no AI or pre-written text. Your dedicated writer creates an original, plagiarism-free speech, taking your requirements and the audience into account.

  • Professional writers

    Our speech writing team consists of 200+ in-house experts specializing in every imaginable type of speech. Whether you need a business, academic, anniversary, or graduation speech, we'll match you with a pro who understands the ins and outs of speech composition.

  • Unlimited edits

    When you leave us a speech writing request, we guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the speech we deliver. You can order as many free revisions as you wish within a 14-day period, and the writer will adjust the speech until you're happy.

  • 100% confidential

    We keep all information about our customers confidential. Nobody will find out that you used our services to create your powerful speech or other papers.

  • Timely delivery

    Whether it's 7 days or 12 hours, we guarantee the delivery of your order in a timely manner. In the case your speech writing helper is late with your paper, we offer refunds to compensate for your inconvenience.

  • 24/7 support

    Our friendly support team stays in touch with you anytime. Online chat on our website is open 24/7, so you can hear back from us and place your order whenever it works for you.

Why hire a trusted expert to write speech?

Writing speeches is tricky for many. You need to think through the content of your speech, decide what you'd like to include and how to organize your presentation. Moreover, you have to consider the audience, choose the appropriate tone and use rhetorical devices to come up with a truly memorable speech. If writing is not your cup of tea and you still want to make a strong impression in class or during your special event, you can hire our experts to write my speech for me.

At SpeechPaths, we have years of experience providing "write my speech" services for any event. Our speech writers gather your requirements, think through the content and structure and incorporate original thoughts to help you grab the audience's attention.

Why will you benefit from professional 'write my speech' services?

  • Save your time and effort. Composing an engaging speech is no easy task. You have to study the sources carefully, review the examples, and make your speech both informative and appropriate for the audience. If you're not ready to spend long evenings writing and rewriting your speech, our experts will do everything for you, catering to your every need to help you reach your goals.
  • Leave a lasting impression. Our team of experienced writers has composed thousands of speeches on every topic and for every occasion. We know exactly how to organize your speech, and how to include curious facts, statistics, personal stories and anecdotes to create a speech of exceptional quality.
  • Get 100% prepared for the event. Our speech writer will provide you with a finalized speech that you can submit or deliver to the audience, so you can sit back and worry no more about the preparation. Plus, if you need slides or other additional materials for your speech, our team will gladly prepare them for you too.
  • Calm down your nerves. Preparing and delivering your speech is stressful. Our team will make the preparation for you stress-free, providing you with a completely ready speech you'll only need to rehearse and deliver. With a powerful, persuasive speech written by an expert, you will feel more confident in front of the audience.

Write my speech: How does it work?

We have developed a simplified online ordering process, so you can order a motivational, informative, or graduation speech in 5 minutes:

  • Step 1.
    Place your order

    Place your order, providing us with all the necessary details (how many words you need, sources to use, and what you'd like to include).

  • Step 2.
    We pick a speechwriter

    Our customer support manager assigns the best persuasive speech writer to work on your task. If your speech is super important, choose a Premium service and one of our Top 10 writers will complete your order.

  • Step 3.
    Download the finished paper

    We will deliver your excellently written speech as a DOCX file before the deadline. Review it and ask for a revision if necessary.

What our customers say

  • Emma F., Chicago
    "As a maid of honor, I needed a speech to sound positive, and sincere, and wanted to share some personal stories. Speechpaths truly exceeded my expectations. I sent them some brief notes and they turned them into a powerful speech everyone was excited about. The writer Lisa captured my voice and made the speech vivid, funny, and beautiful. Many thanks!"
  • Christopher D., San Diego
    "I was so impressed with this speech writing service. My writer understood the essence of my message and crafted a speech that inspired and motivated the audience. It resonated with everyone, evoked emotions and became a real game-changer for my campaign. I now recommend this service to everyone as they are real professionals."
  • Sarah K., Washington
    "I needed a good speech for my political economy class. The writer followed all instructions and created a captivating speech for me. They obviously did their research, as the professor praised my deep knowledge of the subject matter. What's more, the writer also prepared slides and answers to questions which saved me a lot of time. I got an A for the speech. Excellent job!"
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What can you expect from our professional speech writers

Our in-house experts go above and beyond to prepare a customized speech you'll be satisfied with. An online speech writer will work one-on-one with you, developing the strategy and preparing powerful speech text. Here's what you can expect when you contact us with a 'write my speech' request:

  • Speech is written with your audience in mind.

    The writer of our online service considers your audience and adapts the word choice and tone of voice to your listeners. You'll receive a speech that is easy for everyone to understand.

  • Unique speech content.

    Your best writer develops original text for your speech from scratch. We do not use copied and pasted text or AI tools.

  • Tailored to your requirements.

    Our writers have years of expertise in speech writing, so you can count on truly professional help. The writer will closely follow your instructions, providing you with a speech that will exceed expectations.

  • Original, insightful ideas.

    We use a creative approach to every text we compose. Your writer will come up with original ideas, add curious facts or your personal experiences to make your speech emotional and vivid.

  • Thorough research.

    If you need an informative speech, the writer will research the sources and provide you with a meaningful text that will articulate your ideas persuasively in a business environment.

  • Always in touch.

    Your writer stays in touch via our messaging system. For an immediate response, you can always contact us in the live 24/7 chat.

Perfectly tailored speeches for students, special events, and more

At SpeechPaths, we specialize in all types of speeches, helping you achieve your goals through the power of words. On our site, you can count on professional support with every speech type:

  • informative speech
  • analytical speech
  • persuasive speech
  • wedding speech
  • retirement speech
  • honor speech
  • graduation speech
  • entertainment speech
  • debate speech
  • oratorical speech, and more.

Our pros have extensive experience and know all the nuances of how to write a speech in a persuasive, engaging way and impress the audience. Complete the order form to let us know your expectations and get your first speech with a welcome 20% discount!

Affordable help from professional speech writers

When choosing an online speech writing agency, it is important to strike a balance between the high quality of writing and affordability. Some speech writing services promise to write your speech for $10 per page. However, it is hardly possible to get a powerful speech at such a low price, as experienced writers need to be fairly compensated.

Our website offers affordable prices while delivering a speech of impeccable quality to every customer. Our speeches are not the cheapest ones in the market, yet, we offer personalized attention to your needs, high-quality writing and unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.

We offer flexible discounts to both new and returning customers. Chat with us to find out about current discount offers.

FREE features with each order

    At SpeechPaths, you pay for the paper content only. Place your order and get all the benefits listed below for free:

  • free cover page
  • free outline
  • free bibliography
  • free formatting
  • free citations
  • free plagiarism check.

Do not miss an opportunity to order your amazing speech at an affordable price! Contact us today and find out how to save on professional speech writing.

Write my speech: The secrets of persuasive speech writing

To compose a speech that wins attention, follow the best practices in this type of writing. Use these tips to create an effective speech:

  • Understand your audience

    Before putting your speech together, take the time to find out the age, gender, occupation, and cultural background of your audience. This will help you find the right words and pick the arguments that will be easily grasped by them. Moreover, if you find out their beliefs and values, you'll be able to address their concerns and establish a connection more effectively.

  • Build credibility

    If you want your audience to take you seriously and pay attention to what you have to say, establish yourself as a trustworthy speaker. The simplest way to do so is to incorporate personal experience, research, and statistics into your speech. Support your statements with credible data - it will add weight to your words.

    Also, do not forget about the emotional connection. Be sincere, and show empathy and genuine emotions as you speak. This will evoke the trust of the audience, whether you are speaking at a large conference or a small friendly event.

  • Come up with an attention-grabbing opening

    A captivating opening is important to grab the audience's attention as it sets the tone for the rest of the speech. You can start your speech with an interesting story or fact, share a personal anecdote, or ask a rhetorical question. This will pique the curiosity of listeners and make them actively think about the topic at hand.

  • Create a strong structure

    A well-structured speech is easy for the audience to comprehend. After you have started with a catchy introduction, take the time to structure your main points. You may use the "problem and solution" approach - it allows you to highlight the issue, present a compelling argument, and offer a viable solution. Provide evidence and examples to support each statement you make to sound more persuasive.

  • Use the right tone of voice

    Your word choice is paramount if you intend to evoke a certain emotional reaction with your speech. So, when composing your speech, choose words and phrases that have an emotional impact and appeal to the senses and values of your audience. Use metaphors and vivid descriptions to create pictures in the minds of your listeners.

    Pay attention to your tone of voice as you speak. Be respectful, considerate and understand that other people may have contrasting opinions. Avoid offensive or informal language that may lead to misunderstanding.

  • Craft a memorable conclusion

    Crafting a powerful conclusion is your chance to leave a lasting impression. Summarize the key points you've made and reiterate your main message. The best strategies for a conclusion are adding a memorable quote, using a call to action, or repeating the ideas you've stated at the beginning using a fresh perspective. Leave your audience with something they can remember, relate to, or something that gives them food for thought.

  • Work on your delivery

    After you've crafted a good speech, practice your delivery with a friend or in front of the mirror. Make sure that you sound confident and enthusiastic. Work on your body language and vocal tone to keep your speech engaging. If your speech needs visual aids, prepare slides that will help articulate your main points or entertain the audience. Avoid reading your speech - you don't have to memorize it by heart, yet, you need to look at your audience, not in your notes.

    If you feel stuck at any point of writing, our professional speech writers can compose the speech for you. We leverage years of expertise to craft truly memorable texts - place your order today and make sure!

Our team offers personalized help with any writing projects

In addition to speech writing, our large expert team can assist with any other writing tasks and projects. Here are just a few examples of texts you can order on our website:

For each writing order, we guarantee quick turnaround time, only original writing, and ongoing assistance from your dedicated writer and our support team. Chat with us today to discuss how we can ease your college life or help achieve professional success!

  • ● creative essay

  • ● research paper

  • ● thesis

  • ● Master's dissertation

  • ● business plan

  • ● case study

  • ● business report

  • ● academic article

  • ● admission essay

  • ● website content, and more.


Can I talk directly with my persuasive speech writer?

Sure! Once the writer is assigned, you can talk to them anytime in our messenger. The writer typically responds in 30 minutes.

Can someone find out that I hired you to write a speech?

We guarantee full confidentiality to every customer. We do not store or disclose your personal data, thus, it is technically impossible to find out that you ordered your speech from our website.

Who are your speech writers?

Our team comprises speechwriters, academic writers and tutors with 2+ years of writing experience. We test the skills and verify the credentials of each writer to make sure that they can compose excellent texts.

What if I'm not happy with my paper?

If you think that corrections needed, request a free revision with your writer and explain what you need to change. You may request as many revisions as necessary until you are happy.